Section Account allows to perform all operations with your accounts: view, create, delete, edit, to configure the binding to WialonCRM.

Wialon CRM Accounts Page

Create an account

To create account click Create.
You will now be redirected to fill in basic data about the account.
Subsection Templates allows you to quickly create a user without having to nastraivat settings.
The box Send email with access... allows you to send an email with your login details to your email successful creation of the account.

Wialon CRM Accounts Page

Edit account

When you click on a username you will be redirected to the edit page data. Please note that the module allows you to specify in more detail the account information, extending the functionality of the system Wialon.

"Basic" Tab

This tab allows you to fill in basic information about the account owner's full name, his phone, leave additional information to set the tariffs for billing.

Wialon CRM Accounts Page

"Advanced" Tab

This tab allows you to enter all the account information needed to generate invoices, contracts, and also for operation of the module the technical support.

Wialon CRM Accounts Page

"Items" Tab

This tab contain the objects and users that belong to this account.

Deleting accounts

To remove accounts from the system, click x at the right of the accounts list.