Quick start

WialonCRM is designed to facilitate the work with objects, users and accounts.

WialonCRM greatly facilitates the work of an integrator or a Wialon dealer.

The main interface of Wialon CRM is a user interface in which end users scan and work with monitoring objects, users and accounts.

System requirements

Consider the system requirements, as they affect the effective operation of WialonCRM and the overall imprinting of WialonCRM.

The following browsers are supported:

* Mozilla Firefox 50+
* Internet Explorer 11
* Microsoft Edge
* Google Chrome 55+
* Other browsers based on Chromium 55+(for example, Yandex.Browser, Opera or Vivaldi)
In other browsers WialonCRM may not work correctly.

System requirements for hardware

The equipment and efficiency of your computer at the speed of the browser, and accordingly, and WialonCRM. The main role in the performance of the browser is played by the central processor and the amount of RAM. Since 2017 multi-core processor plays a big role - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge - support work on multi-core processors. In connection with all of the above, you can generate the following minimum requirements to the computer:

* CPU with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz;
* 512 MB of RAM or more.

For normal operation of WialonCRM on one computer, a 1-megabit connection to the Internet is sufficient.