Section Groups allows to perform all operations on groups of objects: view, create, delete, edit.

Wialon CRM Groups Page

The creation of a group

To create a group click New. You will be redirected to a page for selecting the account for which you want to create group.

Wialon CRM Objects Page

Then insert Name new group and click Create group. Next, you will be taken to the group editor page, where you can add and remove objects.

Edit group

To edit a group in the groups list, click the name of the desired group. The editor has two lists: all the objects and group objects. To search for objects using a powerful filtering mechanism.
To add/remove objects, select the object(or multiple objects) and click > or <.

Wialon CRM Objects Page

Deleting groups

To remove the tick group in the groups list, click Selected... and select Delete.